What is the Xi Asian Session Indicator for MT4?

The Xi Asian Session Indicator is a technical analysis tool that helps traders determine what time of day is the best to trade. It was created by Mr. Xi, a Hong Kong native who migrated to Australia. He developed this indicator because he needed something that would work with his trading style while still giving him an edge in the marketplace.

Xi Asian Session Indicator

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How to use the Xi Asian Session Indicator for MT4?

If you’re new to forex or have been using the market for a while and need help with using indicators properly, then this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll teach you how to use the Xi Asian Session Indicator (XSI) for MT4 trading.

The XSI is an indicator that helps traders assess market momentum. It uses data from China’s leading exchanges ( Shanghai and Shenzhen ) to help identify changes in trend direction and whether prices are overbought or oversold. The XSI automatically adjusts its settings based on past performance data to provide users with the most accurate interpretation of current trends.

To start using the XSI, open your MT4 platform account and click “Indicators.”

Next, find and select the “XM Fundamentals” module. From here, scroll down until you see the “XI Asian Session Indicator” charting option under “Signals & Filters.” Select and click on the blue button labeled “Apply” to activate it. You’ll now be able to input your custom settings into this indicator by clicking on “Inputs” and entering your values into fields marked with green circles. The hand will operate automatically if these values remain unchanged for 30 minutes. You can refresh the page or click the “Update” button to change your inputs.

When you’re finished setting up the indicator, press the green button labeled “Start” to begin tracking your results. You can then look at the chart and see how it has reacted to changes in market conditions.

Xi Asian Session Indicator MT4 trading settings

The general idea behind the Xi Asian Session Indicator is to provide traders with a statistical confidence level for any given market condition or entry. The indicator will tell you whether or not the conditions are ripe for a profitable trade, and if so, it will also provide you with an accurate projection of how much profit this trade may yield.

Since its inception in 1999, the indicator has worked incredibly well on all time frames, in both long-term trading (1 month+) and short-term trading (1-6 days). One study found that using this system would have netted you an average annual return of +33%, which is simply incredible!

Several forex trading indicators can be used to help identify potential opportunities in the market. One such indicator is the Xi Asian Session Indicator, which my book founder and CEO Markus Frind created. The Xi Asian Session Indicator uses data from China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to provide analysts with insights into global economic conditions.

Some of the critical settings for using this indicator include:

Time frame: 1 day, three days, seven days, or 14 days

Candles: 6 (default), 9, or 12 candles (profit target level)

Stop loss point: 4% below close candle price OR nearest buy order(s)

Xi Asian Session Indicator Advantages

Some of its advantages include the following:

– It provides users with real-time currency movement analysis, helping them identify opportunities and avoid risks.

– The indicator is highly user-friendly and easy to use, making it ideal for professional and amateur traders.

– Its predictive capabilities offer traders a better understanding of market trends, enabling them to make more informed trading decisions.

Xi Asian Session Indicator Disadvantages

Forex trading can be a very profitable venture, but it is also risky. Several factors can affect the market, including political events and economic indicators.

A critical indicator that traders use to make their forex trades is the Xi Asian Session Indicator (XASI). However, there are several disadvantages to using this indicator.

First and foremost, XASI is prone to false positives and false negatives. This indicates an impending trend when there isn’t one happening. Second, XASI must consider other essential factors, such as technical analysis or Fibonacci levels. As a result, it may lead you astray if misused. Finally, XASI has been known to lag behind actual market movements for extended periods (>6 months). In other words: It’s suitable for predicting trends…but only up to a point!

Xi AS Indicator installation on MT4

I am unfamiliar with a specific indicator called the “Xi Asian Session Indicator” for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

It is possible that it is not publicly available or has another name, as many indicators have similar names.

However, if you do have the indicator file, you can install it on the MT4 platform by following these general steps:

  1. Download the Xi Asian Session Indicator file in .ex4 or .mq4 format
  2. Open the MT4 trading platform and navigate to the “Navigator” window
  3. Click on the “Expert Advisors” tab and then click on the “Browse…” button
  4. Locate the downloaded .ex4 or .mq4 file and double-click it to install the indicator
  5. Restart the MT4 platform to ensure that the indicator is loaded correctly
  6. To add the indicator to a chart, go to the “Insert” menu and select “Indicators,” then “Custom,” and select the Xi Asian Session Indicator

I want to let you know that some custom indicators may require additional steps, such as installation of DLL files and maybe version specific; it is essential to follow the instructions given by the developer.

Xi Asian Session Indicator mt4

Xi Asian Session Indicator mt4 free download


In conclusion, the Xi Asian Session Indicator is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to try their hand at trading. It can add another dimension to your daily trading routine that will give you an edge over other traders who don’t have access to this information.

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