What is MT4 Auto Trend Line Channel Indicator?

Trend Line Channel Indicator is one of the best MT4 trendline indicators for forex chart analysis. It provides an automatic trendline, a perfect channel, and technical trading setups.

The super channel forex indicator finds the peaks and bottoms of the marketplace and links the swinging areas for plotting automated trend lines.

This MetaTrader 4 indicator works best for newbies who depend upon pattern signals but need help drawing the trendline by hand. Besides, it conserves time for expert traders who do multi-chart trend analysis daily.

Trend Line Channel Indicator

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To get the maximum take advantage of the forex channel indicator, traders require some basic rate action skills. For example, pin bar signals, inside bar breakouts, incorrect breaks, etc. Such skills assist you in understanding how the cost responds in the trendline areas.

How the Auto Trend Lines Channels Indicator Works in the MT4 platform

Usually, we link the highs and lows of the price to draw a pattern line. Depending on the price action pattern, there could be one or several pattern lines in a single chart.

However, rookie traders frequently need to catch up on the hidden trend lines, which are vital for day traders. The Indicator scans all the swinging locations of the market. Next, it links them with straight lines and develops several pattern lines. The pattern lines are drawn using both dotted and solid strong lines.

The above example highlights the cost’s swinging positions, demonstrating how the price responds around the trendline locations. The dotted lines represent the small pattern lines. These lines are outlined based on short-term reversals of the rate.

On the other hand, the energized lines show significant pattern lines. Important trendline plays a crucial function for intraday traders in discovering the day-to-day trend-following trade setups.

Moreover, numerous trend lines create auto-rate channels. We aim for buy setups when the cost rebounds upwards from the trendline assistance of the price channel. Oppositely, search for sell opportunities when the rate turns down the trendline resistance and starts moving downwards. The direction of the price channels also indicates the bullish and bearishness of the present market pattern.

The Best MT4 indicator shows the current channels at short-term (M1-M30) and long-term (H1-MN) timeframes.

The MetaTrader 4 indicator can alter the channel angle in case of new extremums.

The ideal timeframes for trading are M15-H4.

Who is the sign ideal for?

Forex pattern channels are a standard tool for technical analysis. Therefore it’s suitable with absolutely any indicators and trading systems.

If you are a novice, this indicator will assist you in comprehending rate motions, especially in trending directions. Trading lower timeframes will also help you monitor the channels of greater timeframes.

The trading strategies I’ve shared below will help you in mastering the analysis of cost motions within the trading channel and how to use them in practice.

This sign will hint to skilled traders and save time drawing global channels. It will also make sense to those who utilize the wave principles of price movement.

Techniques of Drawing Channel Lines

To draw price channel lines in each timeframe, the sign analyses the most miniature price history in bars (250 bars by default) and searches for various Highs and Lows within a current period that form the basis of the first variation of the channel. If the cost moves beyond the channel boundaries, the tilt angle modifications, considering duplicate pro lines.

If you see no channel in any timeframe period on the chart, the bar history set in the settings makes it impossible to draw a track keeping the lines parallel. Often there are several cost channels with one timeframe. This occurs because the rate has altered dramatically in one timeframe for a specific period, forming incoherent extremums.

MT4 indicator appearance

After installing the Auto Channel MT4 indicator, the forex channel will be shown as two parallel lines of the same color from its start to the existing cost.

Ascending channel (the green line).

Descending channel (the red line).

Each channel has a marker beside it indicating that it belongs to a particular timeframe. Clicking on the title shows the channel’s forecast perspectives and middle line. Please remember that the middle of the track will not constantly be in its center, given that the Low and high prices chosen by the algorithm might not be copied from each other.

For better visualization, the channels’ boundaries have different densities depending on the timeframe they were attracted. The edge of the H1 channel will be thicker than one of the channels drawn in the M15.

So, each channel on the chart includes the following:

Channel lines (solid with different densities).

Point of view forecast lines (thick rushed line).

Middle lines of the channel (thin dotted line).

How could you trade using the MT4 Trend Line Channel Indicator?

Because the boundaries of the channel are the support/ resistance levels, most of the trading techniques using media can be divided into two main groups:

Bounce (turnaround) of the cost to the within the channel.

A retest of the boundary after the channel breakout.

Tracks are likewise typically utilized in wave-based strategy analysis.

Bounce trading

Bounce trading involves predicting the price motion within the channel. Thus, when the rate bounces off the boundary bottom– we buy, and when the cost evaluates the upper limit– we offer.

As for setting up the Stop Loss, it needs to be concealed behind cost action channel limits. And the Take Profit needs to be set to the previous High or Low, depending upon the channel (ascending or descending) or the anticipated channel border on the opposite side. You can likewise use our method of setting the Stop Loss and Take Profit detailed in the technique guide “Following the “Smart cash.”

Retest trading

Retest trading suggests one of the channel boundaries breakout without the price returning within. Given that the channel borders are its support/ resistance levels, after the breakout, they alter their “polarity”; specifically: assistance becomes resistance in case of a disadvantage breakout, and resistance becomes assistance in case of an upward breakout.

The cost corrects itself tilting towards the breakout boundary and bounces off it, making a retest. This is the minute to make handle the instructions of the breakout, no matter the price action channel– either ascending or coming down.

Download Free Forex MT4 Trend Line Channel Indicator

Thus, retest trading consists of the following:

The sell entry point happens when the channel boundary retest occurs after its upside breakout.

The buy entry point occurs when the channel boundary retest occurs after its downside breakout.

It is also vital to remember that the cost channel that attracted a higher timeframe is more robust than the channels that attracted lower timeframes. Accordingly, the probability of a cost rebound from the channel boundary in higher timeframes, both inward and external (after the breakout), will be higher.

Trend Line Channel Indicator MT4 Indicator Settings

Indicator settings have numerous standard specifications:

Minimum history for channel formation (bars)– sets the minimum history depth in bars required for a channel formation.

Channel development algorithm– how precisely cost extremes will be taken into consideration.

The display of the channels– specifications for showing line thickness.

Drawing channels on the chart– the filtering of channels for timeframes:

The Adaptive display screen algorithm mode is created to minimize unnecessary details on the price chart. To attain this, the algorithm shows only relevant channels in each timeframe. H1 will display media M30, H1, and higher, while channels M1 and M5 won’t be noticeable as they are irrelevant. You will see both M1 and H1 channels if you change the chart to M5.

The All Channels will show all the channels found for a given currency pair, no matter the selected timeframe.

Channel colors are automatic, depending on the color of your chart.

How to attach Trend Line Channel Indicator in MT4

Follow the guidelines below to install the Metatrader 4 Indicator to your MT4 terminal:

Download the ZIP archive with the AutoTrendChannels indication file by clicking the link at the top of the page;

Unzip the file into the MQL4/indicators folder of your terminal;

Reboot the MT4 terminal;

Run the indicator by double-clicking the indication name in the Metatrader 4 Navigator;

Check the “Allow DLL imports” box and click “OK”;

The indicator will be shown on the chart;

Adjust the sign’s settings according to your needs: press CTRL+I, choose the indicator from the list, and switch to the “Inputs” tab.

Trend lines can be used as a standalone technical tool or integrated with other technical indicators.

Fascinating indications to utilize together with trend lines include:

MACD, Slow Stochastic, RSI, Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, ADMI …

Trend lines are a helpful tool for scalping, swing trading, day trading, and position trading and can be applied to any timeframe.


The Trend Line Channel Indicator informs the general instructions of the trend by creating a channel. By finding the available pattern, traders can understand entry and exit points much better. In addition, you can download the sign for free on our website.

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