What is the Top Trend Indicator for MT4?

The top trend indicator is a technical analysis tool used to identify the current market direction. It consists of two hands – the MACD and SMA. The MACD shows the change in momentum, while the SMA indicates whether prices are above or below their moving averages.

Top Trend Indicator

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How to use the Top Trend Indicator for MT4?

To use the TTI, first set up your charts in MT4 using the trendline analysis function. Then open the TTI module and configure it as follows:

-Input your desired timeframe for charting (1 day, five days, one week, etc.)

-Select whether you want to plot to ascend or descending prices (ascending will show positive trends while descending will show negative trends)

-Set your initial buy/sell levels at 50% and 100%, respectively -Check the “Show MACD and SMA” box to display the indicators

Once you’ve configured the TTI, it will show you which direction the market is trending. If prices are trending up, then the MACD indicator will be rising, while if prices are trending down, then the MACD indicator will be declining. Likewise, if prices stay level or move within a specific range, then there is no current trend present; accordingly, no indicators should be displayed.

Top Trend Indicator MT4 trading settings

Below are some tips on how to optimize your MT4 forex trading settings:

-Use Trendlines for Maximum Profit: A trendline is a graphical representation of a price movement over time. When you see the formation of a new trendline, it’s often an indication that prices are moving in the right direction (upward or downward). Using trendlines while using Forex Trading helps ensure that you’re making accurate trades based on sound technical analysis rather than guesswork or emotional reactions.

-Enable Auto Trade On Entry & Exit: Automating certain aspects of your Forex Trading can minimize losses and maximize profits. Enabling auto trade on entry ensures that you only enter into positions if there’s evidence that prices are trending upward (or downward) while enabling auto exit allows you to get out classes without incurring significant losses.”

Top Trend Indicator Advantages

There are several advantages to using a top trend indicator in forex trading. You can identify opportunities early by tracking the latest price action and take advantage of short-term trends before they can swing too far in either direction. Additionally, an MT4 Forex Trading System that utilizes a top trend indicator will help improve your overall risk management skills by giving you an advanced warning about potential market crashes. Finally, staying ahead of the curve can increase your chances of making profitable trades while the market is still volatile.

Top Trend Indicator Disadvantages

There are a few disadvantages to using forex Top Trend Indicators. Some of the most common weaknesses include the following:

-Inaccurate predictions. Forex Top Trend Indicators are often inaccurate, leading to traders losing money.

-Limited scalability. Forex Top Trend Indicators don’t always work well with large numbers of trades, making them challenging for companies or experienced traders.

-High risk associated with trading based on these indicators. Trading based on these indicators is a high risk because they aren’t always reliable and can result in significant losses if you’re not careful

TT Indicator installation on MT4

To install the Top Trend Indicator on MT4, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Top Trend Indicator file in .mq4 format
  2. Open MT4, click on “File” in the top menu, and select “Open Data Folder.”
  3. Double-click on the “MQL4” folder and then the “Indicators” folder
  4. Copy the downloaded .mq4 file into the Indicators folder
  5. Close and restart MT4
  6. In MT4, right-click on the “Navigator” panel and select “Refresh.”
  7. The Top Trend Indicator should now appear in the “Custom Indicators” section of the Navigator panel.
  8. To apply the indicator to a chart, drag and drop it from the Navigator panel onto the chart.

Top Trend Indicator mt4

Top Trend Indicator mt4 free download


Top Trend indicators are valuable for traders, but they have some disadvantages. By understanding these limitations, traders can avoid potential losses and improve their chances of making profitable trades.

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