What is the RSI Heatmap Indicator for MT4?

The RSI Heatmap Indicator is a technical indicator that can be used to help identify overbought and oversold conditions in the market. It uses data from the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to display visual indications of the current sentiment.

RSI Heatmap Indicator

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How to use the RSI Heatmap Indicator for MT4?

To use the RSI Heatmap Indicator,  open your MT4 platform and click on the “Indicators” tab. Select the “RSI (14-day) heat map” indicator from there and drag it onto the chart area. The RSI values will update automatically as you move it around; hover your mouse over each blue line to see which direction is more dominant at that particular point in time.

When you find an area on your chart where prices are moving slowly or erratically, this may be an indication that a trend has begun to reverse or that traders are getting overexcited about prospects. If you spot an area where prices have recently jumped dramatically, this may indicate an impending market crash! Consider carefully before making any Trading decisions based on this information alone – do some research first!

RSI Heatmap Indicator MT4 trading settings

To get started with this excellent new feature on your MT4 platform, first, make sure you have installed MetaTrader 4 version 4.5 or higher. Once you have downloaded and installed MQL4TRADER, open it and go to File > New Window. On the new window that opens, select Indicators from the list on the left-hand side, and then click on Forex RSI Heatmap from the top menu bar.

Now enter your symbol name into both fields, “Select Your Symbol” (or leave it blank if you are working with multiple currency accounts), and hit Enter. You will now see a graph similar to what is shown below – this is called the “heat map”:

RSI Heatmap Indicator Advantages

Advantages of using the RSI Heatmap Indicator include:

-It’s easy to use – drag and drop your indicators on the chart to create custom views.

-Versatile – You can use it for short- and long-term trading analysis.

-It’s intuitive – The colors correspond with different levels of strength, making it easy to understand even if you’re unfamiliar with technical indicators.

RSI Heatmap Indicator Disadvantages

First of all, it can be challenging to interpret the chart correctly. The color scheme may not be easy to distinguish, and different colors may represent different levels of urgency or excitement rather than actual price movement indicators. The lag time between each bar on the chart can make it challenging to determine which direction the market is moving in real-time.

Secondarily, suppose you are trading with a finite amount of capital available for investment. In that case, tracking multiple indicators simultaneously could lead to overexposure in one area or underinvestment in another part of your portfolio. This would ultimately result in lost profits as prices take advantage of your relative weaknesses instead of following sound financial principles.

So should you avoid using the RSI Heatmap Indicator? Not necessarily – but always consult with professional advisors before making any trades!

Indicator installation on MT4

To install the RSI Heatmap Indicator on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the RSI Heatmap Indicator file in the “.ex4″ forma.”
  2. Op”n the MT4 platform and click on “File” in the” top” menu, then select “Open Data F” older.”
  3. Navigate “o the “MQL4″ folder” and”then to the “Indicators” folder.
  4. Co”y the RSI Heatmap Indicator file into the “Indicators” folder.
  5. Cl”se the MT4 platform and then reopen it.
  6. Click on “Navigator” “n the bot”  in om left corner of the MT4 platform and then select “Custom Indi” actors.”
  7. Locate the” RSI Heatmap Indicator in the list and drag it onto a chart.

Once you’ve complyou’vehese steps, the RSI Heatmap Indicator will be installed and ready to use on your MT4 platform. You can customize the settings and input parameters as per your requirement.

RSI Heatmap Indicator mt4

RSI Heatmap Indicator mt4 free download


The RSI Heatmap Indicator is a quality indicator that can be used to monitor market dynamics. However, you should always consult professional advisors before making any trades to avoid losses.

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