What is the Pivot Star Indicator for MT4?

The Pivot Star Indicator is a technical indicator that can help you make better trades in the foreign exchange market. It’s based on the principle of trend following and uses two stars to indicate whether a trend is continuing.

The first star indicates whether the current price is above or below the pivoting point (the middle line in the indicator). The second star indicates how strong the current trend is — a higher number means the movement is more robust, while a lower number means weaker.

Pivot Star Indicator

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The Pivot Star Indicator can help you identify trends early on, giving you an advantage when trading in the foreign exchange market.

How to use Pivot Star Indicator for MT4

Pivot Star Indicator is a technical analysis indicator that helps traders identify the areas of price movement most likely to result in profits. It displays the percentage of the overall market capitalization being traded within a specific range (known as the pivot points).

To use the Pivot Star Indicator for MT4, set up your indicators and signals and then add the Pivot Star Indicator. To do this, click on “Indicators” from the main menu and select “Technical Analysis” from the drop-down menu. Click “Add Signal” and enter Pivot Star in the “Name” field. Then, in the “Description” field, you’ll need to explain what it does briefly. Finally, set the “Action” field to “Yes.”

When you’re ready to use PivariStar for MT4 trading, just put it into your chart and wait for it to signal whether or not there’s an area of price movement likely to lead to profits.

Pivot Star Indicator MT4 trading settings

This article will discuss the forex Pivot Star Indicator MT4 trading settings. This popular indicator can help you make profitable trades in the foreign exchange market.

First, use the forex Pivot Star Indicator to enter its name into the indicators list in MetaTrader 4. After that, select the “Input” tab and choose “Indicators.” Next, click on the “Add Custom Indicator” button and input the following information:

Name: forex Pivot Star Indicator

Description: This indicator projects future changes in the direction of a given currency pair’s market trend using a Fibonacci retracement analysis.


Type: Moving Averages/Trendlines (MA/TL)

Bands: 1 day(s)

Length(1 day): 8 candles(s)

Using your preferred trading strategy, you can also set up custom alerts for this indicator. For example, you could use EMA or EMA cross to trigger an exit from your trade if the price reaches certain predetermined levels.

Pivot Star Indicator Advantages

The forex Pivot Star Indicator is a popular technical indicator that can help you make better trading decisions. Here are some of its key benefits:

– It’s easy to use and understand.

– It’s reliable and accurate.

– It provides real-time market feedback, which can help you stay ahead of the game.

– It can help you identify potential trend reversals and reversals in momentum.

Pivot Star Indicator Disadvantages

Many traders use the forex Pivot Star Indicator to decide whether to buy and sell currencies. However, there are several disadvantages to using this indicator.

First, the Pivot Star can be misleading if used in isolation. It is easy to get carried away by its patterns and make incorrect buying and selling decisions. Second, its accuracy diminishes as the market moves closer to the Star’s center point. This means that it may not provide timely warning signals about impending changes in the currency markets.

Finally, because the indicator uses a simple moving average (SMA) as its reference point, it can be vulnerable to noise and volatility. This means that it may not provide accurate signals even when the market is moving in a predictable direction.

PS Indicator installation on MT4

Forex Pivot Star Indicator is a popular technical indicator that can be used to make profitable trades in the foreign exchange (FX) market. To install the indicator on your MT4 platform, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your MT4 platform and go to the “Indicators” tab.

2. Click the “Add New Indicator” button and select “Forex Pivot Star Indicator.”

3. Select the “Usage” tab and set the parameters of the indicator as follows:

– Stop Price: Enter the price at which you would like the indicator to stop trading. This is also known as trigger price or buy point.

– Take Profit: Enter your desired profit target, telling the indicator when to sell your position.

– Range: Choose how much you want the indicator to move between buy and sell points (in pips).

4. Click the “Apply” button and enjoy your newly installed Forex Pivot Star Indicator!

Pivot Star Indicator mt4

Pivot Star Indicator mt4 free download


Overall, the forex Pivot Star Indicator is a great tool to help you make better trading decisions. It’s easy to install and use and provides valuable insights into your trading strategy.

If you’re still considering whether or not to use it, we suggest you try it. You won’t regret it!

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