Noble Impulse Indicator for mt4

The Noble Impulse Indicator (NI) is a custom indicator that lets you measure your trading impulses in real-time. The NI will allow you to see if your decisions are instinctively driven or more rational.

It’s straightforward to install and use the NBI: open up the “Indicators” tab on the toolbar, and drag it into one of your charts. You can then set its parameters by clicking on it and navigating through its settings window (which will open in a separate window).

The NBI displays four lines: blue for impulse type II; green for impulse type III; red for impulse I; and violet for PURE-impulse II.

Noble Impulse Indicator

Download Noble Impulse Indicator for mt4

Noble impulse indicator installation process

Install the NI Indicator using the following steps:

  • Download the indicator.
  • Could you unzip the file and place it in \Indicators?
  • Go to File > Settings, then select Indicators from the menu on the left. The Indicator Settings window will open. Click Add New, and select “All files (*.*)” from the radio button options on your computer to browse for the .ex4 file you downloaded. Please select it and click Open; then close this window by clicking OK at its bottom right corner.

Noble impulse indicator placing trades

Noble impulses are a pattern of price action that can be used to determine if a trade is worth taking. They are based on noble transactions, defined as profits made by taking advantage of market direction, not by catching sideways moves or ranges.

Noble impulses can determine the quality of trade and help you decide whether or not it’s worth placing your order. This means these indicators will tell you when it makes sense to get in or out of a position.


In conclusion, this is an indicator used on your mt4 trading platform and should help you decide whether to place a trade.

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