What is the My Price Action Indicator for MT4?

My Price Action Indicator (MPI) is a technical analysis indicator used to identify price movement patterns over time. It identifies the areas where prices have been trading and displays these movements as lines on the chart. Using an MPI is to help traders enter trades at opportune moments based on their understanding of where the market is heading.

My Price Action Indicator

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How to use the My Price Action Indicator for MT4?

The MPI consists of three leading indicators – Momentum, Directional Movement, and RSI. These are plotted on a graph against each other and can be used to identify when one or more indicators are above/below their respective moving average line or indicate that conditions are deteriorating/ improving in favor of the trader’s chosen direction(s).

My Price Action Indicator MT4 trading settings

Forex My Price Action Indicator (MT4) trading settings can affect your trades’ performance in several ways. Here are four key factors to consider when setting up your MT4 account:

– Bars and candle widths: When configuring bars and candles, select a comfortable width. You may prefer wider bars or shorter candles, depending on how detailed you want your technical analysis to be.

– Timeframe: The time frame affects how frequently prices update with new information. Most traders choose daily as their timeframe because it gives them enough data points per day to make informed decisions.

– Chart type: You can use any chart type you like – candlesticks, bar charts, etc. – but some traders find charts with many indicators more informative than others. It’s ultimately up to you which chart style works best for you.

My Price Action Indicator Advantages

There are several advantages to using a forex My Price Action indicator. One such benefit is that the hand can help identify potential opportunities before they happen.

For example, if you’re trading EUR/USD and notice that the momentum indicators are flashing oversold signals, it may be worth waiting for another opportunity to buy this currency pair. By doing so, you’ll avoid getting crowded out by other traders who also noticed the signal and rushed into the market.

The indicator also provides valuable information about the current solid trend – allowing you to make more informed decisions when deciding whether or not to trade by it. For instance, if you see that the MACD crossed below its zero line (a sign of bearish momentum), it might be wise to wait until conditions change again before buying this currency pair outright. This way, you’ll ensure that your investment goes towards something worthwhile rather than falling victim to an unfavorable trend reversal.

Other benefits of using a forex My Price Action indicator include accuracy and consistency: because it accounts for past price action data and live market conditions,[1] the predictor will give accurate predictions even in volatile markets.[2][3][4] Additionally,[5] reliable indicators usually have low false positive rates, meaning they give inaccurate results very rarely – meaning that most times, they will provide useful information relevant to Forex trading).

My Price Action Indicator Disadvantages

Many traders use price action indicators to help them make better trading decisions. However, there are a few potential disadvantages to using these indicators. Here are three of the most common ones:

– Price action can be deceiving. This is because it may look like security or commodity is moving higher/lower, but this isn’t always the case. For instance, when prices move up and then down quickly, many traders might mistakenly assume that this indicates an impending reversal (i.e., the price will drop). But in reality, what’s happening is that people are just reacting emotionally to the current market situation – they’re not buying or selling anything!

– Price action can be biased. Some price action indicators may produce more profitable trades than others. This means that you’re more likely to make money with those signals rather than lose money on them statistically speaking over time, although there’s no guarantee of this!

-Price action indicator settings can also result in false alarms – signals that trigger your trade without actually confirming whether or not something is happening (for example, if there’s lots of demand for one security but very little supply available). As soon as you enter into buy/sell orders based on these false alarms, you’ll quickly lose money as prices eventually correct back toward their natural levels (usually much lower!). So it’s essential to take care when setting up your price action indicator(s) so you don’t miss critical real-world signals.

PA Indicator installation on MT4

To install a custom indicator, such as your “My Price Action Indicator,” on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, you can follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your custom indicator is saved in the correct format, such as “.ex4” or “.mq4.”
  2. Open your MT4 platform and click on the “File” menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Select “Open Data Folder” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Open the “MQL4” folder and the “Indicators” folder.
  5. Paste the downloaded custom indicator file into the “Indicators” folder.
  6. Close and reopen your MT4 platform.
  7. You should now see your custom indicator in the “Navigator” window under the “Custom Indicators” section.
  8. Drag and drop the indicator onto a chart to apply it.

Please note that you should use the indicator from a trusted source and ensure that the hand is compatible with your MT4 version. Also, it might be a good idea to test the writing on a demo account before using it on a live performance.

My Price Action Indicator mt4

My Price Action Indicator mt4 free download


Following these steps, you have installed a custom indicator on your MT4 platform. Now that you have the custom indicator installed and configured, it’s time to start using it to help make better trading decisions.

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