What is the MACD on RSI Indicator for MT4?

MACD on RSI Indicator (or any other indicator, for that matter) is a momentum indicator that uses the difference in the two Most Recent Observations (MRO) to determine whether the price is making a new high or low. It is commonly used in forex trading to identify shifts in the market’s momentum, especially during periods of volatility. The MACD on RSI’s principle behind it is relatively straightforward: as price moves up or down, the difference between the MRO and MACD values increases or decreases, respectively.

MACD on RSI Indicator

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These differences tend to grow more significant and distinct as long-term trends are established, resulting in higher MACD signals. On the other hand, when short-term trends are changing rapidly, there will be less difference between the MRO and MACD values, resulting in lower MACD signals. Overall, the MACD on RSI is a valuable tool for forex traders looking to identify shifts in market momentum.

How to use the MACD on RSI Indicator for MT4?

The MACD on RSI (or the relative strength indicator) is an effective indicator that helps traders identify the momentum of a security’s price movement. It plots the difference between two MA

candlesticks, illustrating the change in a security’s price over time. The MACD on RSI is plotted using the following formula:

Where “MACD” refers to the MACD on RSI, and “hist” refers to the histogram of the MACD Signal. This indicator can identify if a security’s price is upward or downward and determine how strong that trend may be.

MACD on RSI Indicator MT4 trading settings

The MACD on the RSI indicator can be used to identify whether an asset’s price is trending up or down. If the price increases, the RSI index’s value will increase, indicating that more buyers are entering the market and increasing its value. Conversely, if the price is moving down, then the value of the RSI index will decrease, indicating that fewer sellers are entering the market and reducing its value. The movements in this indicator can be used to predict future price movements by providing clues as to whether an asset’s price is likely to rise or fall.

MACD on RSI Indicator Advantages

The indicator has several advantages over other technical analysis tools. First, it provides a visual representation of a trend, which can be helpful for beginners to understand. Second, traders and investors can quickly identify when a trend is changing or breaking. Finally, it can be used along with other indicators to form more complex trading strategies.

MACD on RSI Indicator Disadvantages

The most obvious disadvantage of using the MACD on the RSI indicator is that it only works well for some securities. For example, if you’re analyzing stocks, it will give you good signals if the MACD is moving up, but it won’t work as well if you’re looking at currencies or commodities. Additionally, there are some situations where the MACD on the RSI indicator may not provide reliable signals.

Another potential problem with this indicator is that it’s difficult to interpret correctly, even for experienced traders. The RSI doesn’t provide enough information to determine which direction security is likely to move. Instead, it must be combined with other indicators and factors to give an accurate outlook on a particular security’s price movements.

installation on MT4

The MACD on RSI Indicator, which combines two popular technical indicators, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI), can be installed on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) by following these steps:

  1. Download the indicator file: You can search online for the MACD on the RSI indicator and download it from a reputable source. The file should be in the “.mq4” format.
  2. Copy the indicator file: Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to copy it to the appropriate folder on your computer. To do this, go to the folder where you installed MT4, then open the “experts/indicators” folder.
  3. Paste the indicator file: Right-click in the “experts/indicators” folder and select “Paste” to paste the indicator file you copied in step 2.
  4. Restart MT4: After you’ve installed the indicator, you’ll need to restart MT4 for the changes to take effect.
  5. Attach the indicator to a chart: To attach the hand to a chart, right-click on the chart, select “Indicators,” then select “Custom,” and finally select the “MACD on RSI Indicator.”

You should now be able to use the MACD on the RSI indicator on your MT4 platform. Note that if you have any issues installing the indicator or if it doesn’t work as expected, it’s best to seek assistance from the ‘shand provider or a professional software developer.

MACD on RSI Indicator mt4

MACD on RSI Indicator mt4 free download


This article explains how to install the MACD on the RSI indicator on your MT4 platform. Remember that it’s best to consult a professional if you have any issues installing or using the indicator.

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