What is the MA Trend indicator for MT4?

The Moving Averages Convergence/Divergence (MA Trend) indicator is a technical analysis tool used to identify uptrends and downtrends in the price of an asset. It is usually displayed as a line on the chart, with positive values indicating an uptick and negative values indicating a downtick.

MA Trend indicator

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How to use the MA Trend indicator for MT4?

-Select your financial instrument from the list on the left side of MT4’s screen.

-Open the Technical Analysis panel by clicking on its icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

-Under “Indicators,” find and select MA Trend (or any other appropriate indicators).

You will now see how close each candle’s average is to crossing over or to diverge from the trendline indicated by MA Trend. The closer two candles are to crossing over or separating from one another, respectively, than more likely it suggests that there is strong momentum behind that particular direction for prices on that asset class – meaning it may be worth investing money into accordingly!

MA Trend indicator MT4 trading settings

The first step in setting up your MA Trend indicator is selecting an appropriate timeframe range. It would be best if you decided which period(s) represent valid data points for your analysis (for example, daily, weekly, or monthly), and make sure that each period has at least ten transactions per day so that you have enough historical information to work with.

Next, select a smoothing type: lagging or leading. A lagging provides more accurate results due to its smoother curve while leading gives you quicker reactions but may produce inaccurate readings occasionally.

Then determine whether Bollinger Bands should be used: they provide additional protection against overreactions during volatile markets and can also be used as confirmation signals when entering/exiting trades.

Last but not least – set up your indicators! For our example below, we’ll use two channels – MACD histogram and MA Trend:

For the MACD histogram, enter values of -1 (leftmost point), 0 (midpoint), and 1 (rightmost point); for the MA trend, use the default settings.

Setting up your indicators is essential for getting accurate results from your analysis. For our example below, we’ll be using two channels – MACD histogram and MA Trend.

MA Trend indicator Advantages

There are several advantages to using a forex MA Trend indicator. Forex traders use trend indicators to identify opportunities and make more informed trading decisions.

One advantage of using an MA Trend indicator is that it allows traders to identify a price pattern’s emergence (highs) and decline (lows). By doing this, traders can avoid entering or exiting trades prematurely based on speculation alone, leading to more significant losses.

Furthermore, by identifying trends early on, forex investors can better time their investment decisions for them to maximize returns over the long term. This also allows them to limit their exposure to market volatility and minimize risks associated with trading strategies.”

MA Trend indicator Disadvantages

There are a few disadvantages to using the forex MA Trend indicator. First and foremost, it isn’t easy to use this type of indicator without first developing an understanding of Forex trading principles. Furthermore, because the MA Trend indicator relies on past prices to predict future ones, it can be unreliable in high-volatility markets. Finally, this indicator requires a lot of patience and astute market analysis skills – something that not everyone can muster up.

Indicator installation on MT4

To install the Moving Average Trend (MA Trend) indicator on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open MT4: Open the MetaTrader 4 platform on your computer.
  2. Go to the “Navigator” window: To access the Navigator window, click on the “View” menu, and then click on “Navigator.”
  3. Click on “Indicators”: In the Navigator window, click on the “Indicators” tab.
  4. Go to the trend indicators folder and select “Moving Average.”
  5. Drag and drop the indicator: Once you find the hand, you can drag it onto your chart.
  6. Configure the settings: You can configure the indicator’s settings to suit your trading style, like the period, moving average type, and color.
  7. Apply to a chart and start using it.

Please note that the above steps are general and may vary depending on the version of MT4 you are using.

MA Trend indicator mt4

MA Trend indicator mt4 free download


The Moving Average Trend (MA Trend) indicator is a valuable tool to help traders identify market patterns and make better trading decisions. However, it requires some expertise to use effectively and may not be suitable for all investors.

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