Forex Ultra WPR HTF Signal BG Indicator

Forex Ultra WPR HTF Signal BG Indicator:

UltraWPR_HTF_Signal_BG shows information about trend direction based on the data of the UltraWPR indicator on a selected bar as a graphic object with a colored indication of trend or deal direction and gives alerts or audio signals and sends push notifications on the smartphone if signal to conduct a deal appears.

A graphic object is represented as a colored background. The background has four colors. Pale colors indicate trend continuation and bright colors indicate a signal to trade.

The indicator sends alerts and push notifications only if the value of the input parameter:

input uint SignalBar=0; // The bar number to get a signal (0 – current bar)
is greater than one. For the zero bar sound signals and Push-notifications are useless because the signal of the indicator on the zero bar can change and disappear!

All input parameters can be divided into three large groups:

Input parameters for drawing a session:
//| Session drawing input parameters |
input bool SessionDrawOff=false; // Show session in a non-session period
input string SessionSirName=”Asian”; // Session name
input Hour StartHour=H00; // Session start hour
input Min StartMinute=M00; // Session start minute
input uint SessionTime=480; // Session duration in minutes
input color Up_Color=clrPaleTurquoise; // Color of growth
input color Buy_Color=clrLime; // Color of Buy
input color Sell_Color=clrDeepPink; // Color of fall
input color Dn_Color=clrLightPink; // Color of Sell

Input parameters of UltraWPR:
//| Indicator input parameters |
input string Symbol_=””; // Financial instrument
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES Timeframe=PERIOD_H6; // Indicator timeframe for indicator calculation
input int WPR_Period=13; // Period of the WPR indicator
input Smooth_Method W_Method=MODE_JJMA; // Method of averaging
input int StartLength=3; // Starting period of averaging
input int WPhase=100; // Period of averaging (-100..+100)
input uint Step=5; // Period change step
input uint StepsTotal=10; // Number of period changes
input Smooth_Method SmoothMethod=MODE_JJMA; // Smoothing method
input int SmoothLength=3; // Smoothing depth
input int SmoothPhase=100; // Parameter of smoothing (-100..+100

The input parameters of the UltraWPR_HTF_Signal_BG indicator required for the indicator visualization:
//—- indicator visualization settings
input uint SignalBar=0; // Bar number to receive a signal (0 – current bar)
input string Symbols_Sirname=INDICATOR_NAME”_Label_”; // a name for the indicator labels
input color IndName_Color=DarkOrchid; // color of the indicator name
input uint Font_Size=10; // Font size of the indicator name
input int X_1=5; // Horizontal shift of the name
input int Y_1=-15; // Vertical shift of the name
input bool ShowIndName=true; // Show the indicator name
input ENUM_BASE_CORNER WhatCorner=CORNER_RIGHT_UPPER; // Location corner

Input parameters of the UltraWPR_HTF_Signal indicator that are necessary for producing alerts and audio signals:
//—- Settings of alerts
input ENUM_ALERT_MODE alert_mode=OnlySound; // Option of triggering indication
input bool Push=true; // Allow push notifications
input uint AlertCount=0; // Number of produced alerts

In case several UltraWPR_HTF_Signal_BG indicators are to be used on one chart, each of them should have its own Symbols_Sirname (indicator labels names) string variable value.

Place the indicator compiled file UltraWPR.mq5 to the terminal_data_folder\MQL5\Indicators\ of the client terminal.

Test results:

Forex Ultra WPR HTF Signal BG Indicator

Copy and paste the file into the MQL5 Indicators folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL5 > Indicators (paste here)

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