Forex Strategizer MT4 Indicator

Forex Strategizer MT4 Indicator:

About the Forex Strategizer MT4 Indicator

Strategizer is a tool developed to help traders create a strategy by combining signals from various indicators of your choice and putting out a final BUY/SELL arrow signal.

For example, Say I want to enter when a trend reversals. So, i will use A. supply and demand indicator, B. Candle patterns C. Divergence. I will enter buy trade when all 3 indicators give buy signal. Suppose I am using H1 chart, i might be waiting in front of a computer screen for a long time. Strategizer simplifies this process by waiting for all buy signals to occur and then notify you that “Hey trader..everything with your trade plan is all green,you can think about placing your buy trade now”.

Please look at 1st comment in the comment section for more explanation with snapshots.


General Settings

X bars: 1-5 > The signals from the indicators you are using have to be in close proximity. if value = 3, it means all sell signals from individual indicators you are using have to within three bars.
Strictness: 1-8 > Load up to 8 indicators of your choice to receive buy or sell signals from. Indicators you choose to use in this should have Buy/Sell arrow buffers. If I load 5 indicators and choose 3 as input, then Strategizer will give signal when 3 out of the 5 give same signal.
Order matter: Yes/No > Yes means the individual signals must happen in the order you specify. No means they can occur in any order but they just need to be present.
Timeframe: Current > ( Still in Development) So for now please use Current timeframe.
Wait for bar to close: Yes/No > No means Arrow appears at the time all indicators agree. Yes means all indicators agree and the current bar closed.
Avoid repeated arrows: Yes/No > Yes means Strategizer does NOT create any new signal for three bars from the previous signal. Let me explain this a people tend to think Strategizer is repainting. NO. Strategizer is programmed to be NON REPAINTING. Suppose i give 7 indicators, choose strictness to be 3 and i get a buy signal because 2nd,3rd and 5th indicators agree on buy. There may instance where i get another signal from Strategizer on the next candle. This happens because a different Set of 3 indicator have agreed on this candle (1st ,2nd and 7th). A set of 3 indicators agreed on previous candle and a different set of 3 are buy on current candle. So the Strategizer is doing what it should. Since we don’t need too many arrows close to each other, we use this feature.
Objects to delete : xx,yy,zz > You can give partial name of objects, here to delete them in order to keep the chart clean.
Max bars: 500 > up to how many bars the signal has to be shown. Keep this number on the lower side so you don’t bog down mt4
Event Settings (Event refer to the individual indicators you load into Strategizer) : 8 indicators meaning 8 events labelled as A, B, C, H

Candle number: Value 0 to 4 > You choose the number of the candle on which the Event has to occur so that Strategizer accepts it as signal. This feature is essential if you select Yes in the “Order matters” input mentioned above. ALSO NOTE that candles are counted backwards. 0 is the current candle, 1 is the previous candle. If I choose candle for event A as 1, B as 2 and C as 0, Strategizer will give sell signal only if Sell signals from events occur on consecutive bars as BAC with C on the current candle.
File path/Name: xxxx > Type the name of the indicator in the indicator folder you want use here. if it is in Market folder inside indicator folder type “Market\xxxx”
Buy buffer number : value > Enter the number for Buy buffer from the indicator you typed above.
Sell buffer number : Value > Enter the number for Sell buffer.
Value type: Empty value/0 value > You have selected one of these for each indicator. Note : Please enter the name of indicator, enter the buffer numbers, choose one type and check if the Strategizer picks the buffer. Do this for each indicator separately, so you know which type to choose when you are combining them to create your trade plan.
Arrow settings, Alert Settings and On-Chart print settings are self explanatory

NOTE: Strategizer can load the indicators with default settings only. If you have source code of the event indicators, then you can edit the default settings in Meta-editor, compile it and then load them in the Strategizer.

Test results:

Forex Strategizer MT4 Indicator

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Indicators folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Indicators (paste here)

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