Forex SimSim Trading Line MT4 Indicator

Forex SimSim Trading Line MT4 Indicator:

About the Forex SimSim Trading Line MT4 Indicator

This is an oscillator indicator .It selects data from 23 standard indicators and calculates the signal level that shows the expected price movement of the trading instrument. The minimum signal level of the indicator is set between -100 and +100%. Use averaging to generate the signal.
How to work with indicators.
We monitor the signal and make decisions. When the zero level of the indicator crosses from the bottom up, you can consider purchases. When crossing the zero level from top to bottom, you can consider sales. In addition to the oscillator line, you can watch the signals as arrows or lines. This is not an independent signal, but simply a signal from the basement is duplicated on the main chart.
To link the indicator with expert advisors, there is a buffer # 0. it contains the current indicator signal from -100% to +100%. The developer can determine at which signal level to Buy or Sell.
Input parameters of the indicator.
1. Basic input parameters: MinSig
– Min. signal level. / Min, signal. (0-100)%
Signal averaging period. / The period of averaging of the signal. (0-99). If the averaging period = 0 or 1, the signal is not averaged.
Signal averaging method. / Method of averaging of the signal.(0-3)
2. The types and amounts of indicator arrows, colors and font size:

Type of signal arrow. /View of the signal arrow. (you don’t need to use arrows or vertical lines)
Signal Arrow Dimensions /Sizes of signal arrows
Vertical line style. / Vertical line style.
Indicator line width / Thickness of indicator lines
Shopping colors /Colors shopping
Color for sales /sales Colors
Text color /text Color
Text Font Size /the font Size of the text
Signal in the window is (0) -no. / Signal in the window(0)-no.
Maximum Historical Bars / Maximum historical bars

3. notification Signals sound in the terminal, mail, mobile:
Sound File
Signal to mail
Signal to mobile
4. For the test indicator:
Profit Color / color of profit results
Color of unprofitable results / Color of unprofitable results
Profit level Test / Test your level of profit
Test stop level
Indicator test mode. / Indicator testing mode
Indicator testing modes:
Just a test.
Test and statistics.
The test statistics and the formation of a CSV file. The CSV file is generated in the tester\files \ folder. Initial file name template: “SimSim_TEST_…. csv”. Next, the file is loaded as a table in OpenOffice or Exel from Microsoft and diagrams are built based on the data from the file (see the examples in the screenshots
5. Period, method, and price for all standard indicators used:
Indicator parameters-TRUE <General> or individual-FALSE. / Indicator parameters General or individual
Period for All indicator if TRUE <General>. / Period for all indicators.(14)
Method for all indicators if TRUE <General>. / Price calculation method. (MODE_SMMA)
Price for all indicators. if TRUE <General>. / Price for everyone.(PRICE_WEIGHTED)
6. For all those wishing to have fine tuning for all indicators:
1.Use indicator “Rsi” for calculation. / Use the Rsi to calculate the Signal.
Period RSI = 14

23. Use indicator “Bands” for calculation. / Use Bands to calculate the Signal.
Deviation Bands = 2
Period Bands = 14
Averaging method Bands = MODE_SMMA

Test results:

Forex SimSim Trading Line MT4 Indicator

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Indicators folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Indicators (paste here)

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