Forex SimSim Trading Arrow MT4 Indicator

Forex SimSim Trading Arrow MT4 Indicator:

About the Forex SimSim Trading Arrow MT4 Indicator

This is an arrow indicator. It selects data from 23 standard indicators and calculates a signal level that shows the expected price movement of the trading instrument. The minimum signal level of the indicator is set within the range of -100 to + 100%. Use averaging to shape the signal.
How to work with indicators.
We follow the signal and make decisions. The indicator is redrawn only on the zero candlestick, so decisions are made after the candlestick closes with a new signal, and the signal remained on candlestick # 1. For buying or selling, look at the signal sign, + this is for selling, – for buying. And the higher the digital value, the stronger the signal.

Indicator buffers for communication with Expert Advisors.
Buffer # 0 – current indicator signal from -100% to + 100%. The developer can himself determine at what level of the Buy or Sell signal.
Buffer # 1 – by default contains the value = EMPTY_VALUE or a buy signal in the form of a value = Low () of the candle on which the signal was received.
Buffer # 2 – by default contains the value = EMPTY_VALUE or a sell signal in the form of a value = High () of the candlestick on which the signal is received.

Indicator input parameters.
1. Basic input parameters:
MinSig – Min. signal level. / Min, signal. (0-100)%
Signal averaging period. / Signal averaging period. (0-99). If the averaging period = 0 or 1, then the signal is without averaging.
Signal averaging method. / Signal averaging method. (0-3)
2. Types and sizes of indicator arrows, colors and font size:
Type of signal arrow. / Signal arrow view
Signal Arrow Dimensions
Shopping colors
Color for sales
Text color
Text Font Size
Signal in the window is (0) -no. / No. Signal in the window (0) -no.
Maximum Historical Bars

3. Alerts sound in terminal, mail, mobile:
Sound File
Signal to mail
Signal to mobile
4. To test the indicator:
Profit Color / Color of profitable results
Color of unprofitable results
Test profit level
Test stop level
Indicator test mode. / Indicator test mode
Indicator testing modes:
Just a test.
Test and statistics.
Test, statistics and formation of a CSV file. CSV file is generated in the tester \ files \ folder. The initial file name pattern is “SimSim_TEST _… .csv”. Then the file is loaded as a table in OpenOffice or Excel from Microsoft and diagrams are built based on the data from the file (see examples on screenshots

5. Period, method and price for all used standard indicators:
Indicator parameters-TRUE <General> or individual-FALSE. / Indicator parameters general or individual
Period for All indicator if TRUE <General>. / Period for all indicators. (14)
Method for all indicators if TRUE <General>. / Price calculation method. (MODE_SMMA)
Price for all indicators. if TRUE <General>. / Price for everyone. (PRICE_WEIGHTED)
6. For everyone, there is a fine-tuning for all indicators:
1.Use indicator “Rsi” for calculation. / Use Rsi to calculate the Signal.
Period RSI = 14

23.Use indicator “Bands” for calculation—É / Use Bands for signal calculation.
Deviation Bands = 2
Period Bands = 14
Averaging method Bands = MODE_SMMA

Test results:

Forex SimSim Trading Arrow MT4 Indicator

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Indicators folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Indicators (paste here)

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