Forex Predator FX58 Trend DashBoard 123 MT4 Indicator

Forex Predator FX58 Trend DashBoard 123 MT4 Indicator:

About the Forex Predator FX58 Trend DashBoard 123 MT4 Indicator

Trend Scanner looks at the Market watchlist and Checks to see if there are trending cases between three (3) timeframes selected by the user.

The analysis can assist in finding pairs to focus on for a particular session where a trader may need to have a bias in terms of direction to place trades for a particular system which requires multiple timeframe filtration of bar momentum. 3 Main indicators are involved: Moving Average, MACD and Heiken Ashi. User is able to select timeframes available on MT4 for filter of MACD and Heiken Ashi Bars to base alerts from.

This is a Multi Time Frame and Multi-Currency Trend DashBoard, which has three (3) User selected time frames to monitor. All the pairs are displayed from the Markets Watch-list of your MT4 Trading Software with maximum asset display input settings. The Dash-Board Values Displayed are based on the last three (3) selected timeframe Heiken Ashi Bars for buy or sell signals. With the selection of three (3) timeframes to monitor, there are added confirmations to the buy and sell signals, these filters are the indicators of Moving average-selectable types.
The DashBoard give alerts to assist in traders who trade the 123 Pattern, scalping, which in essence alerts when the trend has either changed or resumed. User Chooses Timeframes.

Note Well: When One chooses to use this system only choose the pairs that you trade, since the dashboard will display everything found on the Market’s Watch list.
Customizable Inputs:Input Section:

  • Max Pair Showed-The pairs are determined by the assets found in the market watchlist Pairs per row-Refers to the number of assets listed by row
  • Timeframe: User Selectable  TF 1-Fast Moving average periods  TF 2- Medium Term Timeframe TF 3- Slow
  • Timeframe Moving average Type
  • Moving Average Period
  • Ma method: 1. Exponential Moving Average 2. Smoothed Moving Average 3. Simple Moving Average 4. Weighted Moving Average
  • Use alert:True/False
  • Up color-Bullish bar color Down Color- Bearish Bar colour
  • Background Color-Background color of dashboard Information
  • Milliseconds Timer- for trade signals refresh rate
  • Font- Font type displayed on the dashboard
  • Space after PairName-The spacing between pairs and information produced
  • Space Between Signal-Spacing between signals in word and other pairs
  • Table Size-Width and depth
  • Font Size-Font size of the information on the dashboard
  • Location: Where the dashboard will be situated Adjustment for Dashboard from left to right, up and down the price chart area
It is good if user has a system in place already, this just a helping aid but can be a fused into any system for good entry signal.

Test results:

Forex Predator FX58 Trend DashBoard 123 MT4 Indicator

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Indicators folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Indicators (paste here)

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