Forex Metagraph MT4 Indicator

Forex Metagraph MT4 Indicator:

About the Forex Metagraph MT4 Indicator



+ 0 – 10 | 20 – 25 – 33 – 50 – 66 – 75 – 80 | 90 – 100 + 


  1. White : monthly
  2. Blue : weekly
  3. Violet : daily
  4. Orange :  4 -hour

METAGRAPH   introduces the    PEN :   period-event-notation

The  PEN  changes the shape of the candle to its real-state and shows in chart-sub-window its actual-state-of-move.

This way always the actual-power is delivered, which variably is created by  PIP -volatility and  TICK -frequency.

main – MOVES :

NULL -move <  20%

  1. PEN -onlay silver
  2. CLOSE -symbol dash  red-grn

STEP -move  20 – 50%

  1. PEN -onlay gold
  2. CLOSE -symbol dash  red-grn

LIFT -move  50 – 80%

  1. PEN -onlay  red/ green
  2. CLOSE -symbol kite  red-grn

FULL -move >  80%

  1. PEN -onlay  red/ grn
  2. CLOSE -symbol kite  yellow

event –  MOVES  :

BREAK -move >  100 %

NO -move

  1. CLOSE -on- OPEN  in range >  R_50 / < R_50 ,  red-grn

SPLIT -move

  1. CLOSE -on- OPEN  on  R_50 , empty  white  kite

ZERO -move

  1. CLOSE -on- OPEN  with no-movement-during-period, empty  white  kite with  white  dash

These conditions are the   tool-set, with which market builds each individual period.

Every period is individual, much more than a default- MT4 -candle-up-and-down could show in use of just  2  colors.

By combining the separated-actual-period-parts, which  METAGRAPH  decodes, the  PEN  makes as distinguished result visible – live and on-the-fly –  what on any chart else stays blurred.


MAIN -function:

  1. toggle filtering focus-data and chart-view

PIP -strip:

  1. Pivot-data

KITE -button:

  1. CLOSE -kite-symbol
  2. CLOSE -dash

ALPHA -button:

  1. HIGH  –  R_50/ M_50  –  LOW
  2. use off determined-reversal

OMEGA -button:

  1. R_25/ R_75  and  M_33/ M_66
  2. use on estimated-reversal

RECTANGLE -button:

  1. colored- PEN
  2. black-and-white- PEN

SCREEN -button:

  1. manual screenshot of chart


TIME -button:

  1. dark- BG  : focus on levels
  2. bright- BG  : focus on channel

PEN –info-task:

  1. PEN -info-language
  2. PEN -info-data

TARGET -button:

  1. scale of chart

METAGRAPH  includes an automatic-screenshot-function.

Chart-resolution by bar and pixel calibrateable.
Timer-resolution by seconds calibrateable.

Working-times  GMT , please add your broker-timeshift.
Files saved in  MQL  Data Folder \ MQL \Files\Date\ SYMBOL_TF \

METADROID  includes an automatic-order-screenshot. Preferences analogue to  METAGRAPH .


Slot-order-panel  with following functionalities:

  1. switch Broker  ECN | NON-ECN  for correct  SL | TP
  2. Magic-Number
  3. set amount of orders
  4. automatic  SL | TP  |  TS
  5. close all positions at profit
  6. order-screenshotscreen-setup adjustable
  7. display of Spread  incl.  WARN – and  ALARM -level
  8. if Spread >  ALARM -level order-opening refused

Buttons sleep-mode:

  1. central on chart option to adjust order-lots
  2. BUY – and  SELL -button central with  KITE -symbol

additional buttons position-mode:

  1. display of net-position and floating-profit each side
  2. Position-reverse-button flowered kite-symbol
  3. CLOSE -button top | bottom with pip-info BUY | SELL -separate


  1. click on spread to toggle two hidden buttons:  DEL  (  top-left) and  SET (  bottom-left).
  2. CAUTION :  DEL    deletes  SL  and  TP
  3. ATTENTION :  SET    sets  SL  and  TP

This option is included to have an – also-dangerous-but-in-most-cases-not-so-potential-deadly – surfing-mode in situations, you could completely unnecessary kicked off the board because of a hit, while being chained with exit-order.  SPIKES are mostly  NON-FULL- moves  and visit just a rule  (doji) , or break an outer-border  (gap) with resulting return,   if no trend.

Based on your decision it’s a potential JOKER,  but can variably end as ZONK!


METAGRAPH   shows with its ruler always the realmarket-situation, because all is about   weights as relational-parts of the actual-move.

NO  imagination –  NO  thought-out –   ALL YOU CAN SEE 

The half/ third/ quarter is the standard-differentiation of any measurement. Market performes rate-portioning.

With its diversified  PEN METAGRAPH  delivers a individually-composable, distinguished and vivid information.

instead of a blurred uni-presentation like the standard candle

Fundamental trading at its core. +   No needed additionals.


Test results:

Forex Metagraph MT4 Indicator

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Indicators folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Indicators (paste here)

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