Forex Heiken Ashi Smoothed Scanner MT4 Indicator

Forex Heiken Ashi Smoothed Scanner MT4 Indicator:

About the Forex Heiken Ashi Smoothed Scanner MT4 Indicator

This indicator alerts about Heiken Ashi Smoothed color changes. As a bonus it can also scan for Hull Moving Average color (trend) changes.

The indicator can write the signals to a file which can be used by an Expert Advisor for auto trading.


  • Can monitor all symbols visible in your Market Watch window at the same time. Apply the indicator to just one chart and instantly monitor the entire market.
  • Monitors every time frame, from M1 to MN, and sends you a real-time alert when a color change has been identified. All types of alerts are supported.
  • The indicator includes an interactive panel. When you click on a signal in the panel a new chart with the symbol and time frame in question will be opened. Please see screenshot below.
  • It is enough to place the indicator on one chart and you will receive an alert from any symbol and any timeframe of your choice.
  • Option to delay the alert one or more bars in order to confirm the color (trend) change.

Please note that due to the multi functionality neither buy/sell advice nor lines and arrows will be drawn on the chart where the indicator has been installed.

I recommend you to put the indicator on a EURUSD M5 chart, preferable a clean chart without any other indicators or Expert Advisors on it.

Input parameters
Parameters marked with an asterisk (*) in the beginning are only available in the MT5 version and parameters marked with two asterisks (**) in the beginning are only available in the MT4 version.
Panel width: For instance, if you are using a non-standard font size in windows, you could set this to a larger value in order for the whole text to be visible.
Custom panel title: If you put some text here this text will be shown instead of the default panel title.
Template name: The template you put here will be applied to the chart which will be opened when you click on a signal in the panel. The name must not include the file extension (.tpl). The purpose of this parameter is to make it easier for quick desicion if to take the trade or not. Or if to wait for real reversal confirmation. Typically you would then use your own template which for instance could contain a support/resistance indicator (never the scanner itself) and my free Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator, which will be necessary in order to see the color changes:

Amount of signals to show in the panel: The signals will be shown in descending order, i.e. the latest signal first. The panel can be moved around on the chart by dragging it with the top list. It can also be minimized. If closing it with the x button the indicator will be unloaded from the chart as well. You can set the last (XX) signals in the indicator settings. Default is 20 but you can change it to for instance 30. This value will be shown in the panel header. The panel height will then increase and in some cases it might not fit on your chart. To disable to panel you must set the value to 0.
The text on each row contains information about time (server time) when the signal was generated, symbol, time frame, bull or bear, type of alert and time of the signal bar. For instance “18:00-USDJPY-H1-Bull-HA smoothed-2020.3.5 14:00”. When clicking on a row a new chart will be opened with the selected symbol and time frame. The opened chart will be opened with your chart template which you have defined in the indicator settings. The lines showing the pattern will will be drawn on the chart. For top/bottom and head and sholder also the the neckline will be drawn. Please note that the signals in the panel will be lost in case you reinitialize the indicator (change of input parameters, restart of the termial etc.)
Candle shift for alert: Default is 1. Setting it to 0 will alert you on color change on the current candle. This should be regarded as a pending (unconfirmed) signal.
Write signals to file: This is set to true and must remain this way. The signals will be saved to a .csv (text) file for further usage. The file is located in the \MQL4\Files folder (MQL5 in Metatrader 5) and the name of the file is “HAS_symbol_timeframe.csv”. For instance “HAS_EURUSD_M5.csv”. This file could be used by an Expert Advisor for automatical trading. The format in the file is: [alert type];[symbol name];[time frame];[time of signal candle];[Bull or Bear]. For example “HA smoothed;EURUSD;M30;6.11.2019 12:30;Bear”. The values are always separated by a semi colon.
Amount of signals to save in file: When this value has been reached then older signals will be deleted.
Enable scanning: True or False.
MA method: Default is Smoothed (SMMA).
MA period: Default is 4.
MA 2 method: Default is Linear Weighted (LWMA).
MA 2 period: Default is 8.
Enable scanning: True or False.
Period: Moving average period.
Speed: Smoothening ratio.
Price: Price type.
Enable MA filter
Candle shift
Price type
Time frame (current = signal time frame)
Enable ADX filter
ADX level (must be above this level)
ADX period
Candle shift
ADX line mode
Symbols to scan: Here you will put all symbols you would like to monitor. Every symbol must be entered in the exact way as it is visible in the Market Watch window and separated with a comma, without spaces. By design in Metatrader 4 the amount of character in a text (string) parameter is limited to 255. You can put more characters in the Symbols parameter but when reading the value, Metatrader cuts at 255. 255 characters will allow for 36 symbols and 35 commas (,) if the symbol length is 6 characters. If you need more symbols you can always drag the indicator with the remaining symbols to another chart. To come around this limitation you can set the value in the ‘Use symbols from Market Watch window instead’ parameter below to true. By doing this the indicator will use the symbols visible in your Market Watch window instead.
Use symbols from Market Watch window instead: With this option set to True all visible symbols in your Market Watch window will be scanned instead of the symbols above. Due to performace reasons It is not recommended to use more than 30 symbols if you have a slower computer.
Time frames: Set to ‘true’ for each time frame you would like to monitor.
Alerts: Set to ‘true’ for each alert type you would like to receive.
Sound file: If you would like to use another sound file than the default it must exist in the Sounds folder. For example: c:\program files (x86)\metatrader 4\sounds.
Custom alert text: Blank by default. The text you put here will be inserted after the time frame in the pop-up (on screen) alert. For example ‘GBPUSD – H1 – Bear – HA smoothed color change ([your custom text])’
Short alert: A shorter version of the alert. The format is: ‘[Symbol] – [Time frame] – [Bull or Bear] – HA smoothed color change’

Test results:

Forex Heiken Ashi Smoothed Scanner MT4 Indicator

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Indicators folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Indicators (paste here)

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