What is the Extreme Spike MTF Indicator for MT4?

The MTF Extreme Spike Indicator is a technical indicator designed to detect extreme price movements in the underlying asset. It provides traders with an early warning system for potential market crashes and other volatile events.

The indicator displays the percentage change in the underlying asset’s price over a specified period. If the underlying asset’s price increases rapidly, it will register as a high percentage spike in the indicator. Conversely, if the underlying asset’s price decreases quickly, it will register as a high percentage spike in hand. These spikes can provide warnings about upcoming market sentiment or volatility level shifts.

Extreme Spike MTF Indicator

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The MTF Extreme Spike Indicator is available on the most popular trading platforms. It can help identify significant shifts in market sentiment or volatility levels before they materialize into more considerable losses or gains for investors.

How to use the Extreme Spike MTF Indicator for MT4?

To use the Extreme Spike MTF indicator for MT4, it is essential to first set up the indicator by specifying the moving average ( Exponential, Linear, or Triangular ) as well as its value and period. Then, ensure that you select a time frame (e.g., 1-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute) that provides enough data points to analyze. It is essential to adjust the timeframe to correspond with the volatility of the underlying asset you are trading.

For example, if you were trading gold futures, you would probably want to use a longer time frame so that more data points are available for analysis. Next, select values for both moving averages. You can start with small weights and adjust as necessary until you find an optimal balance between signal strength and risk.

Extreme Spike MTF Indicator MT4 trading settings

The MTF indicator can be set up in several ways but typically involves three primary parameters:

The first parameter controls the width of the MTF curve. This defines how wide the MTF curve should be compared to average prices. A setting of 1 would result in a very narrow MTF curve, whereas a set of 100 would result in an extensive MTF curve. A broader MTF curve allows more historical data to calculate the indicator and better displays high-probability price movements.

The second parameter controls the length of time that data needed to calculate the indicator is used. A setting of 0 would mean that daily data required to calculate the MTF indicator is used, while a set of 100 would imply that monthly data was used. The longer time frame allows more historical data to calculate the indicator and better display high-probability price movements.

The third parameter controls how often the MTF calculation is performed each day. A setting of 0 would mean that only one analysis was performed each day, whereas 100 would imply that multiple studies were served each day. The higher frequency allows for more accurate and reliable MTF calculations and helps reduce noise in the underlying market signal.

Extreme Spike MTF Indicator Advantages

The advantages of using the MTF indicator are as follows:

– The MTF indicator can identify short-term price movements and determine whether they are likely to continue upward or downward. This can help traders make more informed decisions about where to trade and when to enter a position.

– The MTF indicator can also be used as a trailing indicator, which helps measure how far prices have moved over time. This can be useful for determining if the current trend is likely to continue or if it is about to reverse.

Extreme Spike MTF Indicator Disadvantages

Disadvantages of using the MTF indicator include:

– It can be challenging to understand and interpret, especially for beginners.

– The accuracy of the indicator can vary depending on market conditions.

– Some traders may find it frustrating to watch their investments fluctuate based on the MTF indicator instead of making more informed decisions based on fundamentals. Overall, the MTF indicator is valuable for analyzing trends in specific markets and can help you make more informed trading decisions.

Indicator installation on MT4

To install the MTF indicator, follow these steps:

1 Make sure you have access to your MT4 platform. You can find this information under your platform’s “Tools” menu.

2 Open the “Indicators” tab in your toolbox. There will be an arrow next to the “MT4” icon that you can click to open this tab.

3 Locate the MTF indicator and double-click on it to open it in your charting window.

4 Locate the settings box at the top right corner of your MT4 platform and click on it. This will bring up a box with several options for customizing this indicator.

5 To configure this indicator, first click on “Strategy Settings.” This will bring up another box with several options for configuring this strategy. You can adjust how often it is calculated, which data sets are used, and so on. When you are finished, click “OK” and then “Save.”

– Now that you have installed the MTF indicator, let’s look at what it looks like in our chart: As you can see, the MTF indicator has generated a spike in the price of Bitcoin. This indicates that there is likely an oversold condition in this market and that traders may be willing to invest money into it to take advantage of potentially increased prices.

Extreme Spike MTF Indicator mt4

Extreme Spike MTF Indicator mt4 free download


The MTF indicator is a valuable tool for analyzing trends in specific markets. It can help you make more informed trading decisions.

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