What is the Elder Impulse System for MT4?

The Elder Impulse System (EIS) is a technical analysis indicator developed by Tony Robbins. It uses two moving averages to identify oversold and overbought conditions and then creates buy or sell signals based on those conditions.

Elder Impulse System

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The EIS works best with other indicators, such as the Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD) or Bollinger Bandwidth. When used correctly, it can help you make better trading decisions by helping you identify when an asset is about to rebound from its current price level.

How to use the Elder Impulse System Indicator for MT4?

To use the EIS effectively,  add it to your MT4 platform alongside one of your other popular indicators. Then set up rules that will trigger a buy or sell order whenever the two moving averages cross into specific ranges. For example, you may want to sell if the EIS moves below its long-term average while buying if it crosses above its short-term average. Experiment until you find a strategy that works best for YOU!

Elder Impulse System Indicator MT4 trading settings

Forex Elder Impulse System Indicator MT4 trading settings can be customized in several ways to improve performance. The most important thing to remember is that your chosen settings should reflect your trading style and preferences.

Here are some general tips for setting up Forex EIS indicator trading conditions:

– Use a trending currency pair as the basis for your analysis. This will help you identify which currencies are moving higher or lower and whether this movement is likely to continue.

– Use Fibonacci retracement levels as indicators of price trend behavior. When prices reach certain Fibonacci levels (levels 2, 3, 5, 8), they have begun to pull back from their previous high or low point and may indicate an opportunity to sell short or buy long position into the next move up/down cycle.

– Pay close attention to candle patterns while monitoring trends progress – when candles get wider apart (indicating more selling pressure), it’s usually a good time to exit trades; on the other hand, if candles appear closer together (indicating more buying pressure), it’s usually a good time enter trades.

Elder Impulse System Indicator Advantages

The forex Elder Impulse System indicator is a popular technical analysis tool for identifying oversold and overbought markets. What are the advantages of using this indicator?

One advantage of using the Elder Impulse System is that it can help you identify when a market is about to undergo a reversal. By identifying oversold or overbought conditions, you can better prepare yourself for potential changes in direction. Additionally, by tracking historical data, you can develop an understanding of how these patterns typically play out. This knowledge will help improve your trading decisions overall.

Elder Impulse System Indicator Disadvantages

Forex Elders Impulse System indicators are one of the most popular technical analysis tools forex traders use. They allow you to identify market behavior patterns and predict future prices. However, there are some significant disadvantages to using this type of indicator.

First, EIS indicators can be very misleading when applied to the short term. They may show indications suggesting a trend is continuing even if it is not happening. This can cause you to trade on false information and lose money.

Second, EIS indicators are vulnerable to fluctuations in volume and price due to human emotions such as greed or fear. When these factors come into play, they can dramatically change the accuracy of an EIS indicator’s predictions.

So, while EIS indicators may be helpful for advanced traders who understand how they work, inexperienced ones should avoid them altogether until they have more experience with Forex trading.

EI System Indicator installation on MT4

To install the Elder Impulse System Indicator on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the indicator file in .ex4 format.
  2. Open the MT4 platform and go to the “Navigator” window.
  3. Click on the “Expert Advisors” tab and select “Browse…”.
  4. Please navigate to the location where you saved the indicator file and double-click on it.
  5. The indicator will now be installed and appear in the “Navigator” window under the “Custom Indicators” folder.
  6. To add the indicator to a chart, drag and drop it onto the chart or right-click on it, select “Indicators List” and then “Custom,” and select the indicator from the list.

Elder Impulse System mt4

Elder Impulse System mt4 free download


Elder Impulse System is a unique and promising indicator that can identify price movement patterns for both short-term trading and long-term investment decisions. However, there are some disadvantages to using this type of indicator, such as its susceptibility to fluctuations in volume and price due to human emotions. Advanced traders who are comfortable with MetaTrader 4 should try it!

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