What is the Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator for MT4?

The Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator is a technical indicator used to detect potential reversals in the price action of a currency. The hand consists of two parallel lines, each with three zigzag patterns. One line has a positive slope, and the other has a negative one. These lines intersect at the middle point, indicating no clear direction for the underlying currency’s price movement.

Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator

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The indicator was developed by famous forex trader Dr. Thomas Williams in the late 1990s and has since become one of the most popular technical analysis tools available for analyzing trends in currency markets. It helps traders identify possible turning points in the price action of a given currency and assess risk levels appropriately.

How to use the Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator for MT4?

How it works: The Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator is similar to other indicators, such as the Bollinger Band or the Stochastic Oscillator, in that it measures volatility in the price of an underlying asset. However, instead of measuring changes in a single variable, such as price, it simultaneously measures changes in multiple variables. This allows traders to more accurately predict where the underlying currency may be heading based on its past performance and current market conditions.

Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator MT4 trading settings

The settings of the indicator are determined based on several factors. These include:

1) Charts with high volume and low volatility are best suited for using this indicator. It works best when there is an accumulation or distribution of buying or selling pressure in a particular market.

2) The direction of the double zigzag can also be used to help determine whether the price is approaching a reversal or continuation point. A long upper line indicates that the price may be making a bearish turn, while a short lower line suggests that the price may be bullish. In contrast, an equal-length upper and lower line indicates no clear direction for price movement. This can mean that the price will likely continue unchanged for some time before possibly making another move, either in one order or another.

3) When trading forex, traders should use a more extended period time frame (e.g., 1-minute charts) when using this indicator compared to the shorter time frames (e.g., 15-minute charts). This will help to improve the accuracy of the indicator’s signals.

Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator Advantages

The advantage of the double zigzag no repaint indicator is its simplicity and clarity. It is easy to understand, making it ideal for beginners who are just learning about technical indicators. The hand also has a high level of accuracy, as studies have shown that it can accurately predict changes in currency prices.

Overall, the double zigzag no repaint indicator has proven itself as an effective tool for analyzing the direction of a particular currency’s price movement. It can be used both short-term and long-term, and its simplicity and clarity make it suitable for beginner traders and more experienced ones.

Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator Disadvantages

However, there are some disadvantages to using this indicator. First, it cannot be easy to understand since its lines are not always clearly defined and distinct. Second, forex DZR-NC can sometimes produce false signals if prices suddenly change direction, especially if they do so quickly or unexpectedly.

Finally, many traders find that DZR-NC does not provide reliable signals in long-term trends because it can become unreliable over time and require additional analysis to determine whether or not it still applies. Forex DZR-NC is valuable for providing directional signals but should not be considered an ultimate solution for trading success.

Indicator installation on MT4

Installing the Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator on MT4 is a simple process that involves the following steps:

  1. Download the indicator: First, you need to download the Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator file in the .mq4 format from a reliable source on the internet.
  2. Open MT4: After downloading the file, open your MT4 trading platform.
  3. Open the Data Folder: Click on the “File” tab at the top left corner of the MT4 platform, then click on “Open Data Folder.”
  4. Copy the indicator file: Double-click on the “MQL4” folder in the data folder, then double-click on the “Indicators” folder. Copy and paste the downloaded indicator file into the “Indicators” folder.
  5. Restart MT4: Close and reopen the MT4 platform for the changes to take effect.
  6. Locate the indicator: Once you have restarted MT4, locate the “Navigator” window on the left side of the screen. Expand the “Indicators” section, and you should see the Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator listed there.
  7. Apply the indicator: Drag and drop it onto the chart you want to apply it. Alternatively, you can double-click on the hand and select the chart you want to use.
  8. Customize the indicator settings: Once the indicator is applied to the chart, you can customize it by right-clicking it and selecting “Indicators List.” Select the Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator, then click the “Edit” button. You can adjust the indicator’s settings from here to suit your trading strategy.

That’s it! You have successfully installed the Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator on MT4 and applied it to your cart.

Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator mt4

Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator mt4 free download


Now that you have installed and configured the Double Zigzag No Repaint Indicator, you can start profiting from its powerful trading signals.

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