What is the Dark Point Indicator for MT4?

The “Dark Point Indicator” is an indicator that displays a visual representation of the difference between two price levels. It is one way to determine when a price has turned bearish or bullish, showing whether it is going up or down more quickly than expected. Typically, the indicator will display a series of red and black lines with darker points towards the bottom of the chart, representing more downward movement relative to an upward trend. The longer these lines are, the more bearish the market may be considered.

Dark Point Indicator

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How to use the Dark Point Indicator for MT4?

The Dark Point Indicator can be used as an effective way to determine whether a currency’s value is trending upward or downward. The indicator will change color from green to red as the price of a currency declines and from green to black as the value of a currency increases.

The Dark Point Indicator can also help identify support and resistance levels in a given market. These levels indicate where traders can find opportunities to buy or sell at a better price. In general, rising levels suggest that the price of a currency is increasing in value while falling ranks indicate that prices are decreasing.

Dark Point Indicator MT4 trading settings

The indicator is designed to work well in cases where the moving average used for the price is significantly divergent from the moving average used for time. In other words, if the moving average used for the price is much higher than the moving average used for a time, it could indicate a potential reversal in the market. Conversely, if the moving average used for the price is significantly lower than the moving average used for a time, it could signal a potential advance in the market.

Dark Point Indicator Advantages

One of the advantages of using the forex Dark Point indicator is that it helps to simplify the complex technical analysis, making it easier for new traders to understand and apply. The indicator displays data more visually, allowing traders to quickly identify patterns in market movements and make informed trading decisions.

Dark Point Indicator Disadvantages

Several disadvantages are associated with using a forex Dark Point indicator. First, such an indicator is unsuitable for users who want to trade short-term currency fluctuations. Since the hand considers past prices and factors, it is best suited for traders with a long-term outlook on the market.

Second, a forex Dark Point indicator can be difficult to understand and interpret. In addition to being complex, this indicator displays information in a somewhat confusing format. For example, it may consist of different colors and symbols representing different levels of volatility or lack of stability in the currency market. Therefore, using a dark point indicator can be challenging if you are new to trading Forex.

Last, using a forex Dark Point indicator can be expensive. Although some hands may be available at a reduced cost or even free of charge, others may require payment to access their services. This can result in high costs for traders who want to use a particular indicator but do not have extra funds to pay for it.

DP Indicator installation on MT4

To install the Dark Point Indicator on MT4, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the indicator file (in .ex4 format) from a reputable source.
  2. Open the MT4 platform and click “File” at the top left corner, then select “Open Data Folder.”
  3. In the new window that opens up, find the “MQL4” folder and click on it.
  4. Inside the “MQL4” folder, see the “Indicators” folder and click on it.
  5. Copy the downloaded Dark Point Indicator file into the “Indicators” folder.
  6. Close and re-open the MT4 platform.
  7. The Dark Point Indicator should now be available in the Navigator window on the left side of the MT4 platform.
  8. To use the indicator, drag and drop it onto the chart of your choice. You can adjust the indicator settings by right-clicking on the chart and selecting “Indicators List” from the drop-down menu.

Installing custom indicators on MT4 can carry risks, such as downloading files from unreliable sources or incorrectly configuring the hand. It is essential to exercise caution and do your due diligence before installing any custom indicator. The Dark Point Indicator may also require additional setup and configuration beyond installation, such as setting up alerts and filters.

Dark Point Indicator mt4

Dark Point Indicator mt4 free download


The Dark Point Indicator is an innovative and powerful indicator designed to help traders identify oversold or overbought conditions in the market. It is a valuable tool that can be helpful when making trading decisions and can be installed on the MT4 platform easily.

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