What is the Dark Inversion indicator for MT4?

The Dark Inversion indicator is a technical analysis indicator that helps identify a trend’s reversal point. It is used to identify a potential reversal in a trend when the security price reverses direction and moves in the opposite direction compared to previous trends. The indicator works by plotting an inverted version of the price chart, with positive values indicating that the underlying asset is trading lower than its last price and negative values indicating that the support is trading higher than its previous prices.

Dark Inversion indicator

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The indicator can be used to identify the point at which there has been a significant change in direction for an asset’s price. This may alert traders to take action and possibly enter or exit trades before the reversal point.

How to use the Dark Inversion indicator for MT4?

The Dark Inversion indicator is proper for quickly identifying overbought and oversold market conditions. It plots the difference between the current price and the last price chart, with overbought conditions resulting in a positive value and oversold conditions resulting in a negative value. This indicator can be used both to identify turning points in a particular market and to determine whether the market is likely to rise or fall in the short term.

Dark Inversion indicator MT4 trading settings

The DIT is typically plotted on a weekly or daily chart, which makes it easier to spot turning points. The indicator uses three colors to show the trend’s strength: green, yellow, and red. Green indicates that the trend is positive and has the potential to continue; yellow indicates that the trend may be weakening but still has some potential to continue; and red indicates that the movement has broken down and could be reversing soon.

A Dark Inversion occurs when the DIT shows signs of a turning point by plotting an upward slant in the DIT line and downward price movement in the original currency pair (e.g., USD/EUR). This means there may be a potential reversal in the market, and it’s worth monitoring closely for any signs of an upcoming deterioration.

Dark Inversion indicator Advantages

The indicator’s advantages include its ability to identify turning points in the market and its simplicity and ease of use. It is beneficial for spotting changes in sentiment among investors or identifying turning points in various asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and currencies. The indicator can also be used to identify possible trends and predict future movements in the market. Overall, the forex Dark Inversion indicator is a powerful tool for anyone interested in trading or investing in foreign exchange markets.

Dark Inversion indicator Disadvantages

The disadvantage of using the dark inversion indicator is that it can be challenging to understand and may not provide reliable signals. This is because the underlying theory of the hand is complex, and many factors can affect its accuracy.

The main drawback of the dark inversion indicator is that it can be challenging to apply, leading to generating of false signals. It is also best used cautiously and only as a backup indicator when other, more reliable indicators do not give clear signs.

DI indicator installation on MT4

First, open your MT4 platform and log in to your account.

Next, go to Tools > Indicators and select Forex dark inversion indicator from the list of available tools.

Select “Create New” if it is not already selected.

Then, enter the name for the new indicator and select “OK.” The next step will allow you to decide where to save your new indicator file. You can store it in your workspace or download it and store it on your computer’s hard drive (if you have enough space). Finally, click “Save.” Once everything is done, you will see your new indicator on the list of available tools.

Dark Inversion indicator mt4

Dark Inversion indicator mt4 free download


The Dark Inversion indicator is a powerful tool that can be used to identify potential trends and predict future movements in the foreign exchange markets. While it may be difficult to understand initially, its complex theory makes it an extremely reliable tool.

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