What is the Chaikin Oscillator Indicator for MT4?

The Chaikin Oscillator is an indicator that plots the price of a currency against a set of measures of strength, such as the speed and direction of price movement, volume, and volatility. The indicator was created by Stanislav Chaikin, known for his work on financial markets and market psychology, to quantify these factors. The indicator’s appearance is similar to a graph with two upward-pointing shoulders – one for the up side, and one for the downside. Areas of the chart where the two shoulders are close together favor a given currency, while neighborhoods, where they are far apart, are considered to be in bearish or weak condition.

Chaikin Oscillator Indicator

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How to use the Chaikin Oscillator Indicator for MT4?

The Chaikin Oscillator can be used to analyze currencies and help predict their future movements. It is often used to identify oversold or overbought conditions in a given currency’s price. Additionally, it can be used as a reference point when gauging market sentiment regarding particular money.

Chaikin Oscillator Indicator MT4 trading settings

The first component measures the net difference between up and down moves in a particular asset’s price index over a specified period. The second component measures the net difference between up and down moves in another asset’s price index over the same period. These two values are then added together to measure the overall momentum in an asset’s price index.

The Chaikin Oscillator can determine whether there is strong or weak momentum in a particular market. It can also help decide when to enter and exit trades to take advantage of changing market conditions.

Chaikin Oscillator Indicator Advantages

Chaikin oscillator indicators have several advantages over other types of indicators. They are easy to understand, making them suitable for new and experienced traders. They also provide a quick way to get an overview of a particular market’s current state and make it easier for investors to make informed decisions about their investments.

Chaikin Oscillator Indicator Disadvantages

Disadvantages of using the Chaikin Oscillator include its lack of accuracy when analyzing longer-term market trends and its susceptibility to external factors, such as news events or market movements. Forex traders need to understand that indicators are not infallible and should be used with other tools and analysis techniques to understand market conditions completely.

CO Indicator installation on MT4

To install the Chaikin Oscillator Indicator on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, follow these steps:

  1. Download the indicator: You can find the Chaikin Oscillator Indicator online on a trading forum or a site offering custom indicators. Ensure you download the indicator file, usually with a “.mq4” or “.ex4” extension.
  2. Copy the indicator file: Copy it to your MT4 Indicators folder once you’ve downloaded it. This folder is typically located on Windows in “C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators”.
  3. Restart MT4: After you’ve copied the indicator file to the appropriate folder, restart the MT4 platform.
  4. Attach the indicator to a chart: To attach the Chaikin oscillator to a chart, right-click on the chart and select “Indicators” from the dropdown menu. Please scroll through the list of indicators until you find the Chaikin Oscillator Indicator, and then click to fix it. The needle will be attached to the chart, and its settings can be adjusted in the “Indicator Properties” window.
  5. Customize the indicator’s settings: The Chaikin Oscillator Indicator usually comes with a set of adjustable parameters that you can use to customize its behavior. These parameters include the number of periods used to calculate the indicator and the moving average to use.

Note: The exact steps to install an indicator on MT4 can vary depending on the broker and the specific MT4 platform you’re using. If you encounter any issues during installation, reach out to your broker for support.

Chaikin Oscillator Indicator mt4

Chaikin Oscillator Indicator mt4 free download


In this article, we’ve outlined the steps you need to follow to install a Chaikin Oscillator Indicator on your MT4 platform. Remember that the steps you need to take vary depending on your broker and specific MT4 forum, so consult with your supplier if you’re having difficulty installing an indicator.

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