Bollinger Bands Bicolor Indicator for mt4

The Bollinger Bands Bicolor indicator is a technical analysis tool that uses two colors to show a security’s price volatility. The first color indicates whether the security is in a tight or wide range, while the second color indicates how volatile the security’s price is.

Bollinger Bands Bicolor Indicator

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This indicator is used to help traders determine when it may be an excellent time to buy or sell a security. The Bollinger Bands Bicolor indicator works best with other technical indicators, such as the moving average and stochastic oscillator.

How is Bollinger Bands Bicolor Indicator calculated?

If you’re looking to add extra stability to your forex trading, then the Forex Bollinger Bands Bicolor Indicator may be the perfect option. This indicator uses two colors (bicolor) to indicate whether the price is over or undervalued, helping you make better decisions based on current market conditions.

First, download and install the appropriate indicator software to install the Forex Bollinger Bands Bicolor Indicator on your mt4 platform. Once that’s done, open up your MT4 trading account and click “Indicators” in the top left corner. From there, scroll down until you find “Bollinger Bands” and select it. Finally, enter the parameters of your indicator (in this case, three values: blue [overvalued], green [undervalued], and yellow [neutral]) and press “OK.” You’re now ready to start trading!

How does Bollinger Bands Bicolor Indicator work?

The Bollinger Bands Bicolor indicator is a simple but effective way to help you trade stocks. It uses two colors — blue for the downside and yellow for the upside — to help you identify when a security is in danger of falling sharply or rallying strongly.

First, open your MT4 account and find the stock market index you want to track to use the Bollinger Bands Bicolor indicator. Next, locate the Bollinger Bands indicator at the bottom of your screen and drag it up, so it’s positioned just above the stock’s price chart. Then, configure the settings of the indicator according to your preferences.

When you see a security start to fall rapidly in price, click on the blue band on the right side of the indicator to indicate that this is a sell signal. Conversely, if you see a security rallying strongly, click on the yellow band to suggest that this is a buy signal. As long as you’re following these signals correctly, you’ll easily make profitable trades!

Forex Consolidation Indicator installation on mt4

If you’d like to add a simple yet effective Bollinger Bands indicator to your trading arsenal, you can install it on your MT4 platform using the following steps.

First, open your MT4 platform and click on the Markets menu item. Select the Forex tab and then the chart of your choice.

Next, locate the Bollinger Bands indicator in the Indicators section and drag it onto the chart. You can adjust its settings by clicking on the small arrow next to its name.

Finally, set a trigger condition for the indicator by clicking on the yellow dots next to it. This will activate it when the price reaches either of the two sets of boundaries that you’ve defined.

Forex Bollinger Bands Bicolor Indicator installation on mt4:

1. Download and install the MT4 platform.

2. Go to the “Indicators” tab and locate the “Bollinger Bands” indicator.

3. Select the “Configure Indicator” button and set the following parameters:

– Period: 8 hrs

– Width: 2 points

– Color: RGB (R, G, B)

Bollinger Bands Bicolor mt4

Download Bollinger Bands Bicolor for mt4


Adding a Bollinger Bands indicator to your trading arsenal can help you make informed decisions to achieve profitable Forex trades. Please make sure to configure the hand properly to achieve the desired results.

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